Cavanagh's Star IIEdit

Cavanagh's Star II is a planet in the Cavanagh system. Its' star is ceret, and it has a populated moon, Wess'ej.

Geological informationEdit

Cavanagh's star II has several large continents scattered in both hemispheres, with large and small islands. The islands names are in sequence from north to south: Constantine, catherine, charity, clare, chad, and Christopher. The oceans on CS2 are large, apperently having large continental shelfs and reaching depths of tens of thousands of meters. The continents have large mountains and large plains, with several mesas.


The native life on CS2 is varied. There are types of predators called shevens, living bogs, rock velvets, a virus called C'naatat, and the planets only sentient species, the Bezeri.


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