Equbas Cruiser 886-001-005-6 is a military vessel in the Equbas Vorhi military that was dispatched after the Wess'Har garrison on Cavanagh's Star requested help. It was commanded by Esganikan Gai, with its second officer being


The Cruiser is described as being a bronze, colossal, cigar shaped spaceship. The ship is acctually a large mass of nanites that have been formed by a template (for more detail, see below). The cruiser has an unspecified ammount of "modules" different kinds of small ships. Here is list of the modules and ships that are used in the series. They are :

  • Command Center Module
  • Habitation Modules
  • Decontamination Module
  • Raft Module
  • Long Range Transport
  • Shuttle Craft

Command center moduleEdit

The command center module is the nerve center of the ship, and it is from there that Esganikan Gai commands her ship. The color scheme of the module is described as being milky and opaque. The command center has several consoles that control the entire ship and monitor the outside environment. Eqbas Vorhi crew the consoles. They [the consoles] are described as being part of the bulkhead, and can move around the bulkhead and can disappear is not used. They are touch screens. The bulkheads, ceiling, and floor of the command center can turn transparent in an instant to show the outside environment, and can magnify and focus to an extreme degree. They can also show views from inside the ship, as well as from any outside point.

Habitation ModulesEdit