The Skavu are a military oriented reptilian species that are fanatical followers of the Eqbas and the Targassat philosophy. Since the Eqbas converted their world (Garav) about 20 years before the series, they had readily volunteered their services in the form of troops and ships that helped the Eqbas convert.


The Skavu on Grav converted to Targassat suddenly and unexpectedly while in the middle of resisting the Eqbas’ planetary cleansing. The change was quite unexpected, because they converted while it looked like there would be no end in sight for the bloody battle for Garav. Since then, the Skavu have helped the Equbas help


The Skavu resemble Terran reptilians, but are not cold-blooded, and can control their body temperature. They have dark grey skin, and are are about the same size as a human,and have the same physiology: they are bipedal, have hands and 3 jointed fingers, as well as feet. They can also tolerate an atmosphere of oxygen/nitrogen to some degree, but have to wear masks when on the surface. The humans that observed the Skavu tried to compare them to Terran animals, Ade Bennet said that they look like a cross between sea lions and lizards. Their mouths apparently can stretch across their entire head. Their eyes are small compaired to the rest of their heads. The Skavu are all hermaphrodites, but they usually choose to be male so that they can serve in the military.


Little is mentioned about native Skavu technology, as they mostly use outdated Eqbas ships and weaponry. The only native technology shown is their translator collars and their swords. Their translator collars are worn around their necks like collars, and are described as being white, thin and having a metallic sheen. Their swords are about a meter long, double edged, and flat. They are worn across their backs in sheaths, and are usually carried in addition to an Eqbas hand weapon, and are extremely sharp.


They are ridgedly disiplened and intolerant of deviation-Esganikan Gai The Skavu culture is a rigid military hierarchy, and they follow their commanding officers with absolute obedience. They very strict, and usually don’t talk. Since their conversion to Targassat, they almost worship the Eqbas and follow them with great loyalty. They refer to anyone who is not a convert as “infidels” or “unholy ones.” Skavu military evidently is commanded by a single commander, and is then separated into either onboard specialists or pursuit squads. The ranks within the pursuit squads are ranked from 1 to 10, based on who will die. They dress in dark sage green, webbed uniforms.

Known SkavuEdit

  • Kiir Fourth to die